Recent Dirt Work

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Brand USA

Brand USA is the organization responsible for increasing international travel to the United States. We worked with them to counteract two big barriers: A strong dollar and equally strong uncertainty about US travel policy. From re-imagining value proposition and managing the creative development process, to corralling the multi-discipline ecosystem of agencies across loads of global markets, we helped make the United States a more welcoming and exciting place to visit.


There’s something special about shopping on Zulily — everyone who shops there thinks so. But it’s brand perception was dusty at best. Dirt Worldwide modeled a new growth audience and positioned the brand to appeal specifically to them. We created the plan for their brand-building efforts to work in complement to their performance marketing.


Asurion is a leading provider of device insurance, warranty and support services for mobile phones and other valuable merchandise. Dirt Worldwide helped understand how to get the sales reps from big wireless carriers (AT&T, Verizon, etc.) to better represent their products to wireless customers, and how to get Home Depot shoppers to see the value of protecting their purchase.

Pepperidge Farm

When the status quo needs to change, when the broader agency teams aren’t aligned, or when more needs to be done with less: That’s when Dirt Worldwide gets involved. We have helped storied Pepperidge Farm brands, like Goldfish, Swirl Bread, Dessert Shop Cookies, and Tim Tams, by writing sharp marketing strategy, inspiring more involving creative, and getting such disparate disciplines as social, experiential, PR and retailer marketing, all moving in the same direction.