Dirt Worldwide — Clean marketing for the dirtiest business problems

You’ve got to get dirty before you can get clean.


What we do:

Dirt is about how brands go out into the world and take action on behalf of the business. It’s a dirty process, but we’re into that. After all, you’ve got to get dirty before you can get clean.


Brand strategy

What is the brand’s purpose? What is the unique animating spark to build from?


Go-to-market strategy

Which moments matter most? How should the idea and purpose come to life in them?


Creative platforms

What’s the culturally-resonant idea that lives in every interaction with the brand?


Operational synthesis

Practically speaking, how do we get it all done, across all disciplines and agencies?


"The value is in the synthesis, not the optimization of individual pieces."

— Clive Sirkin, chief growth officer, Kellogg’s