Dirt Worldwide — Clean marketing for the dirtiest business problems

We are a force for good: brilliant misfits, brought together purposefully for each project.


Who we are:

The people who work at Dirt are the ones who don’t fit in easily. The ones who feel constrained by “because that’s the way we’ve always done it.” We are generalists, and have worked in lots of different disciplines, in and out of the marketing and consulting worlds. We believe in brute force common sense and being able to put the pieces together in a completely new way.

Eric Pakurar headshot 2017.png

Eric Pakurar is the founding partner of Dirt. He has led agency-side strategy in nearly every marketing discipline—brand, digital, experiential, direct response, advertising, media and shopper—but he's at his best when he's putting all the pieces together into a cohesive whole. He was head of strategy for the New York office of marketing consultancy Naked Communications and, most recently, the North American chief strategy officer for Geometry Global, the world’s largest activation and shopper agency. Drop him a line, why don't you? He'd like that.


Let's get dirty together.